This academic article is about the anxiety gifted kids often experience, its possible causes, and how EFT/Tapping has been and can be used to lower that anxiety:

This link takes you to the slide decks from the SENG mini-conference in Seattle, with descriptions of common experiences of gifted children in the social, emotional and academic sphere.

This is a listing of blog posts on gifted adults.

The Daimon Institute founder produced the short movie on profoundly gifted children that includes a few adults, It was shown at the SENG mini-seminar in Seattle last summer. This individual in Surrey (a Vancouver, BC suburb) does psychotherapy for gifted adults & kids.

This blog post focuses on gifted adults.

In this article, Dr Amy H. Gaesser points out some of the unique anxiety-producing stress factors for gifted individuals and suggests ways to integrate concepts from neuroscience to help teach gifted students ways to manage their anxiousness. The main tool Gaesser identifies is Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT, or “Tapping”), “an innovative, evidence-based anxiety management strategy that significantly reduces anxiety for gifted students.”

While the article is targeted at teachers, school counselors and parents of gifted students, there is much here for gifted adults to help them understand their own experiences. It also includes an introduction to using Tapping for feelings of stress, anxiousness, fear, anger, etc.