Gifted Business Owner Quiz

Rate each of the following statements as true (T), partially true (P), or false (F). If you have trouble choosing, think of what people who know you well would say:

  1. You are not as successful as you—or others around you—expected you would be.
  2. You are very bright in one area, yet sometimes can’t understand something everyone else seems to get.
  3. You feel like a fraud or an imposter at times.
  4. You have difficulty with time management, project planning, or follow through.
  5. You suffer from perfectionism, or get stuck in “analysis paralysis,” in situations where someone else would just get it done.
  6. You are highly sensitive to criticism, dwelling on any mistakes you’ve made.
  7. You have trouble accepting compliments because you see where what you did wasn’t what you had hoped.
  8. You are reluctant to try new things, perhaps to the point of deciding you don’t want to do them so you don’t have to try them.
  9. You have difficulty making decisions.
  10. You are impatient with those who aren’t doing something right, or take too long to understand.
  11. Even though others have said you are smart, you actually feel that you are stupid.
  12. Others have called you lazy—and maybe you believed it—because in school you saw shortcuts, didn’t want to show your work, or didn’t want to keep doing something over and over again once you understood how to do it.
  13. Your career may look like it is all over the map as you have pursued several different interests—sometimes at the same time.
  14. You have difficulty stopping what you’re working on to shift to the next project.
  15. You have difficulty sustaining your attention when there’s a distraction. (Maybe you were even diagnosed with ADD.)
  16. People don’t get your jokes.
  17. It sometimes feels like no one gets you.
  18. You knew early on you were different from the other kids.
  19. Your biggest desire growing up was to have a friend, but it was hard to find someone who shared your interests. So you might have “played dumb” to fit in.
  20. As a kid you gravitated to older kids or adults.
  21. You were often told you were “too sensitive.”
  22. You have mood swings with higher highs and lower lows than other people
    (and may have been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.)
  23. You get so focused people have to talk to you several times to get your attention.
  24. You have a bigger reaction to low blood sugar than most (hangries, anyone?) so you have to make sure you eat enough and eat regularly.
  25. You often feel anxious, and perhaps often need to have control over situations in your life. (Maybe you have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.)
  26. You follow your own interests, no matter what everyone else is doing.
  27. At least one teacher told you or your parent that you were very bright.
  28. You were formally identified as “gifted” in school.
  29. You have a child, sibling, or parent who has been identified as “gifted.”
    (If you answer “T” or “P” to question 29, add 5 points to your score.)

For every True: “T” give yourself 2 points.
For every Partially True: “P” give yourself 1 point.
For every False: “F” give yourself 0 points.

If you answered Question 27 or Question 28 either “T” or “P” give yourself 10 points!

Your Gifted Business Owner Score

10 points and up. Congratulations! You are undoubtedly gifted and bring your own way of looking at the world to your business. That can both help you and hold you back, depending on how you use your gifts.

Between 4 and 9 points. You may well be gifted. And we’re guessing you are gifted because you probably scored yourself lower than someone else would have.

0 to 3 points: You Lucky Duck! You probably don’t have to deal with the challenges that come with the gifted brain. Instead, you are smart and capable and, while you may have some things that hold you back at times, these questions had you shaking your head. (Unless of course you are your own harshest critic. In that case, take the quiz again and answer the questions as if you were your best friend who knows you really well.)