The Top 5 Curses of the Gifted Business Owner

  1. You are not as successful as you—or others around you—expected you would be.
  2. You can be brilliant in one area, but then can’t understand something everyone else seems to get.
  3. You feel like a fraud or an imposter.
  4. You have difficulty with time management, or breaking a goal down into manageable tasks, scheduling those tasks, and following through on them.
  5. You suffer from perfectionism, dwelling on any mistakes you’ve made and getting stuck in “analysis paralysis” where someone else would just get it done.

It’s a myth that gifted people succeed in everything they undertake. The truth is that a gifted child who grows up without the special support they need is likely to become an underachiever as an adult.

One reason is the difficulty many gifted people face in developing certain executive functions. For example, Project Planning: Breaking a goal into separate tasks, scheduling  and completing the tasks to reach the goal. This one executive function presents real problems for a lot of gifted people. Here’s why.

In elementary school, a gifted child can usually complete a project in one sitting.  This same project takes their classmates several sittings to complete. So, other parents teach their kids to break the project down into tasks, put the different tasks on the calendar, and follow through. But the gifted child doesn’t learn that skill.

Eventually a gifted person will face a project they cannot complete in one sitting. They don’t know how to break it down into manageable tasks, schedule them and follow through. Since they don’t know how to do something everyone else knows how to do. they decide they must be stupid.

What’s true is that gifted kids’ brains develop differently. Most kids are ready to learn executive functions and skills around age 9. The gifted brain develops this ability some years later.

If you recognize yourself here, please know that you don’t have to be an underachiever. You just need the resources and training to develop the executive functions and skills you missed. 

Difficulties with Executive Functioning account for only a few of the many challenges (or curses) gifted people face.  These are particularly important for Gifted Business Owners.

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